From My Messy Desk (Volume 5)

Most every item marked, “One Size Fits All” does not fit me. It may cover me, or hang on me, or squeeze around me…but it usually does not “fit” me! This is also true for parenting advice, helps, and suggestions. One size does not fit all! In fact, the same set of guidelines used with … [Read more…]

From My Messy Desk (Volume 4)

I recently read a blog post by a mom entitled “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World.” I was encouraged/amused by her post and the lengths she was going to in order to guide her children. It was great! This month as we observe Thanksgiving, let me encourage you to do something special to help … [Read more…]

From My Messy Desk (Volume 3)

I’m not afraid of Halloween!  There, I said it…out loud!  I know…I know…I know it can be a spooky, creepy, evil- laced day when Satan could get a toe-hold on a person/family. But, so is every other day!  Satan uses every means available to him to do his work. To be honest, I’m more frightened … [Read more…]

From My Messy Desk (Volume 2)

“They have come to go!”  When our two children were born, Suzanne and I reminded ourselves of something we had learned and had come to believe when we were young college students…”They have come to go!”  We believed that both Bethany and Jordyn were God’s gift for us to tenderly prepare for their appointed place … [Read more…]

From My Messy Desk (Volume 1)

As we launch this resource for families, may I encourage you to stay vigilant and active in your child/children’s spiritual life?  Do not give/trust this responsibility to anyone else.  Certainly, you will partner with extended family, close friends, our church, and other significant people to help develop our children into the young men and women … [Read more…]