Let’s Give Thanks

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are a beautiful hue, and we are all preparing for the holidays with family and friends. We see the beauty of God’s creation and utter a quick thank you for our blessings, but God does not stop at our blessings.  If we look in the Bible we will … [Read more…]

Should My Family Participate in Halloween?

This time of year always brings about many happy memories, falling leaves, hot chocolate, football games, crisp apples, the wonderful changing colors of the season, and … the “H” holiday. Many families have struggled with what to do about Halloween.  Should my children trick or treat? Should we just attend the church’s activities?  Or, should … [Read more…]

Teaching Your Child to Pray

How young is too young to teach my child to pray?  Why should I teach my child to pray at a young age? These are questions we have all had. We struggle to potty train our children, teach them to feed themselves, sleep in their own bed, and learn to speak. Why should we add … [Read more…]

New Kids in the Pews

As the new school year starts, we will have new worshipers with us. How will they act?  Will they participate in the worship service? What if they talk too loud?  This all depends on us as parents. How we present the experience has a lot to do with the outcome. Will we constantly we hushing … [Read more…]