From My Messy Desk (Volume 1)

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As we launch this resource for families, may I encourage you to stay vigilant and active in your child/children’s spiritual life?  Do not give/trust this responsibility to anyone else.  Certainly, you will partner with extended family, close friends, our church, and other significant people to help develop our children into the young men and women they were created to be.  However, the responsibility is yours.

I know failure, heartache, missed opportunities, small victories, and even some major breakthroughs as a parent.  I also know a consistent, authentic, living faith provides a sure foundation for parenting.

So launch with us, no matter where you are…launch!

No matter the ages of your children…launch!

Despite your imperfections…launch !

I love this set of articles and helps found at Focus on the Family.  Consider…

Faith at Home

jamesDiscipleship Pastor
James Culbreth

James oversees our adult education ministries. He is a graduate of Auburn University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served churches in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama for over 30 years. Suzanne, his wife, is a high school teacher. They have two “nearly grown” daughters, Bethany and Jordyn.