New Kids in the Pews


As the new school year starts, we will have new worshipers with us. How will they act?  Will they participate in the worship service? What if they talk too loud?  This all depends on us as parents. How we present the experience has a lot to do with the outcome.

Will we constantly we hushing them?  Telling them to sit still?  We all have a hard time sitting in our seats sometimes. We need to challenge our new worshipers and create an interactive time of worship.

Here are a few ways to help our youngest worshipers

  • Prepare them ahead of time for the service.
  • Pray with them to have a positive experience.
  • Let them know how long they will be in the service
  • Bring them a notebook to express their ideas
  • Show them a bulletin and let them follow the order of worship
  • Help them find the songs in the hymnal and help them follow along
  • During the fellowship time let the shake hands with fellow worshipers
  • Praise positive behavior.

This is the next generation of our church. Let’s all work together to ” Train up our children”


Director of Preschool MinistriesKelley
Kelley Young

Kelley Young is over all church preschool ministries. She has been working in the Preschool Department at Meadow Brook for 12 years. She loves spending time teaching the children through Bible studies, cooking classes, special events and everyday interaction. Kelley enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and planning any party. She is married to Bill and they have 1 very special son, Chris.