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This Month’s Parenting Class: Helping Your Child Be More Confident

It’s so incredible to watch our kids mature and grow through the years. There are parenting moments when you see your kids mature right in front of your eyes and it always surprises us in a good way! In those moments, we are reminded that our time with them is short. I know that’s a hard thought to think about but this month we want to help you capture the time you have and be more strategic than ever. This month we want to talk about how to help your kids become more confident.

Confidence is one of those things that most kids need help with. Now your child may be outgoing and courageous but there will come a time when you see them lack confidence. Any moment your child faces where they must step into the unknown can bring out debilitating fear in them. We know the feeling even as adults. We have to start a new job. We move to a new church. We have a meeting with a large group of people we don’t know. We often feel insecure and we are adults. Now imagine how your child feels when they start a school year, sport, or face a family move to a new city. What can we do to help them be more confident when facing the unknown?

Confidence is something we see God reveal in the Bible often. We read stories about people in days past that confidently trusted God to deliver them. That kind of confidence is available to us and our kids even today. In Psalm 57:7 we read about confidence…

“My heart is confident in you, O God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!”

When we embrace confidence in God we can sing His praise through any challenge. This is the kind of confidence we want to breathe into our children. We don’t want them to trust their own ability but rather the strength of God. God can be trusted, therefore our kids have a reason to be confident.

Here are a few simple ways we can inspire more confidence in our kids…

  • Don’t dismiss fear, confront it. When your child is insecure never dismiss it as silly. Allow your kid to open up and learn how to share how they feel. When you listen, you get the chance to help them really identify what is driving the fear!
  • Teach kids to pray for confidence.  It’s up to us to help our kids understand that when they are insecure they can turn to God. This is when faith becomes real. God actually cares about our lives and kids need to know they can turn to God.
  • Allow kids to experience risk. We all want to protect our kids but there are times we have to allow them to face risk so they can develop more confidence. Allow them to go into a new class and make new friends. Allow them to deal with the unknown. The right amounts of risk lead to conversations and lessons learned.
  • Celebrate courage. Point out when your kid has done something courageous and celebrate that step. It’s so important that we as parents speak confidence into their tiny hearts. They need to know how proud we are of them even if it was just a small step of confidence.

We hope this helps give you a place to start when it comes to your child and
confidence. Thanks for allowing us to invest in your family.

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