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This Month’s Parenting Class: Embracing the Power of Schedule

Being a kid is such a wild experience, and it’s an experience we all get one time on our life. Think back for a minute to your favorite parts of being a kid. It could be time with friends in a neighborhood. It could be memories with your grandparents. It could be adventures with your parents on yearly vacations. The common link is that the times we remember often come from unexpected places on holidays or weekends. They surprise us and stick with us.

The rest of childhood is a maze of figuring out how day-to-day life works. What our kids don’t know is that the parents are trying to figure things out also. As our kids move from grade to grade many parents forget the power of a simple idea that helps kids thrive. That tool parents forget about is the simple schedule. In this online parenting class we are going talk about how we can embrace the power of schedule.

We tend to think of schedules as helpful tools for preschoolers and focus on them less and less as kids move into grade school, but they are still desperately needed. Schedules take anxiety and uncertainty out of our children’s lives. We are giving our children clear expectations and a plan when we give them a set schedule. There are times in every week when no schedule is needed and everyone can choose what they want to do, but during the week schedules help everyone stay sane and healthy!

I know there may be some pushback, but this month let me suggest 5 areas you can set on your schedules that will help your kids succeed!


I have never met a child or parent that loved homework, but, trust me, it’s going to show up. When you set a schedule for when homework will be tackled you have a better shot of not allowing it to cause arguments. Set a normal routine so you and your kids know this is the time to accomplish it and ask you for help.


Your 4th grader needs sleep! Studies have shown that sleep is one of the key indicators of children having success in school. Many parents allow their kids to decide when they head to bed, but that will always go poorly for everyone. Hold to a tight schedule for bed so each night has a better flow.

Tech and Media

Tech and media are fun and dangerous resources for our children. If you don’t set a schedule for when your children can be on devices they will always default to excess. Work with your kids, and make a firm schedule for tech use during the week and a plan for the weekend.

Play, Reading, Creating

Kids need space to have fun not involving technical devices. They need time to read books and the Bible. They need time to make and break things. They need to play and explore. Make a schedule for your kids to have this kind of time each week.

Mom and Dad Time

This is the best schedule we will talk about. Your kids need schedules so you and your spouse have time each day to actually connect, relax, and recharge. Leverage the schedule for kids so you as a couple can have a chance to actually sit down each night.

Schedules can be a good thing! Give it a shot this month.

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