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This Month’s Parenting Class: Raising Honest Kids

Welcome to this months online parenting class! There is nothing more frustrating than catching your kids in a pattern on lying. I promise it will make you want to pull your hair out! This month we want to tackle the topic of honesty and how to raise honest kids. 

Honesty is a value, but honesty is not easy. Many times as a kid and as an adult honesty is risky and costly. Honesty fuels trust in the long term but for a kid, it’s momentarily easier to tell a lie. Raising honest kids begins with helping our kids understand the tension between the benefit and difficulty of honesty. It never helps kids when we hold honesty up as a standard without helping them navigate the tension of choosing honesty. 

The Scriptures say this about honesty…

Proverbs 11:3 
The integrity of the honest keeps them on track; the deviousness of crooks brings them to ruin. 

Honesty keeps us on track where lies lead to trouble. It’s important that our kids know we want them to live an honest life not just tell truth when we ask them if they brushed their teeth. Telling the truth in small things leads to being truthful in big things…in life.

Here are a few tips to help you raise honest kids…

Challenge lies and reward and praise all honesty. 

Don’t let little lies slip. Challenge your kids when you catch that they are not being truth tellers. We know it’s easy to let those things go and hope kids get better, but honesty is a learned habit. While you challenge lies make sure and praise honesty. If your child admits to a lie, give grace; forgive, then course correct. Honesty should be rewarded.

Model honesty. 

Kids need to see you be a truth teller. Work hard to show them what honesty looks like as you interact with your family. When you mess up, tell the truth and apologize. When you make commitments to other people follow through. When it would be easy to lie find a way to tell the truth in love. Model what you want from your kids. 

Watch for bad influences.

Your kids’ friends have a deep influence on them. Your kid’s social media access also has a big influence on them. Be present enough to know the people around your kids and to be able to call out dishonest influences. When kids get around people who are dishonest many times they pick up the habit. Keep a steady eye on who is influencing your child. 

To have kids of character lead them in that direction! Praying for you as you invest in your child this month.

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