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This Month’s Parenting Class: The Power of a Family Goal

In our fast-paced culture, it’s easy to feel like our families are coming apart at the seams. The more our schedules pack full of activity the less we see each other at home. Mom is racing one kid to basketball practice and dad is running another to ballet. Dinner might happen together once a week with all the things going on. Then there is the pressure mom and dad feel from work or the master’s degree that is a few years from being finished. Many families can relate to this pace and most of us feel overwhelmed. Where has our “family life” gone?

This month we want to help you get a grip on that “out of control” pace and find a way to unite your family in a common direction. We want to talk about the power of family goals!

When you think about goals you probably think about the gym or work. We leverage goals all the time in other areas of our lives but rarely do we leverage goals with our family. Maybe our family feels out of control because we are not headed in any specific direction. We are just moving from crisis to crisis. We don’t know what to say yes or no to. We are just moving day to day on autopilot. Having a goal brings direction. When we have a family goal or several family goals then we solve so much of the chaos we are experiencing.

Embracing goals in your family life is more simple than you think. A family goal is a priority that the entire family rallies around. Family goals are also not eternal; they change from season to season. A family goal could be mom tackling her master’s degree. Another could be helping your youngest bring her math grade up. A fun goal could be save enough money for new pool in the back yard. A spiritual goal could be to not miss Sunday service at church for 6 months. The important thing about a family goal is that it’s clear to everyone in the family and it shapes all the other choices the family is making. The goal brings clarity!

So, let me give you some family goal tips to think about…

• Choose family goals with your spouse and include your kids. // Family goals have to have buy in with your spouse first and then your kids. Make sure everyone understands the goal and talk about it often.
• Place time boundaries on your family goals. // Goals need time limits. Goals have to be measurable and limited in scope. Make sure you put a time frame on your family goals.
• Celebrate when family goals are met! // This is so big. Family goals that end in celebration teach the entire family to process what’s next because they want to celebrate again. Everyone loves winning and accomplishing goals.
• Use your family goal as a way to stay balanced as a family. // You can’t do everything. Your family can’t do everything either! Use your family goals to choose what your family does or doesn’t do. Leave the fear of missing out behind and focus on your goals!

This month let’s try and leverage goals so we can calm the chaos in our homes. Use your next family goal to get your family life back!

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